Dylan did small acting projects like Sacks West and High Road .He was originally planning to go to film school and study cinematography like his father. His biggest break though came with the role of Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf . He originally wasn't auditioning for the role of Stiles but for Scott. The character of Stiles quickly won him over and he changed his mind. Directors also agreed that Dylan was the perfect person for Stiles after 4 auditions. 

His first leading role was "Dave" in the First Time. He worked with Victoria Justice as well as Brit Robertson. Brit and Dylan cliqued and are dating to this day. 

His second big role was 'Thomas' in 'The Maze Runner' which is based on The New York Times bestseller by James Dashner. The Maze Runner topped weekend box office with $3.2 million and an additional $37.6 from over seas. That is the highest grossing film.


Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner.